DeepROV battery


Hello to everyone,

Just saw the following video on Youtube.
Unfortunately I cannot find anything else about the DeepROV or the batteries used (Li-NMC)
Hope someone knows more about the batteries used

Any feedback welcome

Rgds Gottfried


I think these may be the batteries:

I saw the video as well… interested in the o-ring screw replacement for the syringe plug as well as a dimensional drawing of the glare shield for the camera…


There are a few different forum posts where this is talked about.



Thanks for the link even if it helps when you are in the US.
Still struggling to find a online store in the UK what does Li-NMC batteries.
All available are just for e-bikes or robots

Rgds Gottfried


Thanks for you post and the tips and sorry that I did not find anything when I was using the following
keywords (DeepROV and Li-NMC )

Rgds Gottfried


Glad to be able to share…that can be a problem with search terms, if not everyone is using the same language it can be hard to find :frowning:

The battery cell that we are using is very new to the market and I am not sure how many places stock it. I believe that battery space does ship to the UK.



Thanks again for your suggestion.Yes I will check with battery space if they do ship to UK

Rgds Gottfried