DB-25 Section 12C?



Where do the wise for 12C on the DB-25 connector come from? I only have 21 wires, this asks for the full 25?

Sorry if i'm missing something obvious, I've been glued to this for days now!!

Thank you





Hi Jonny:

I'm a little confused by your question. The I2C bus on the DB-25 connector is pins 14-17, which are part of the 21 wires that the instructions have you install.



Ah I see, so is it TP22 - 25 that are not used?

Should I be marking up the +3V3, 3V3_SCL, 3V3_SVA and GND aux wires before I pot so I know which is which on the ROV end or does this not matter?

And am I right in thinking the 4 I2C & 2 AUX wires are currently not connected anything on the ROV end? (A vague description I know but I have 6 wires and can't see in the guide what they are going to connect to)

Cheers, J


Hi Jonny:

Sure, you can mark them now, or you can figure things out after you pot the wires. Either way works.

After the ROV is built, the 4 I2C wires are used to hook up the external depth sensor/compass, and the 2 AUX wires are spares- you can use them for custom external lights, or whatever.



Got it!! Thats great Walt, thanks for the help!

Stress averted