DB-25 Question


Hi All,

When attaching the wire harness ot the DB-25 connector, I am wondering if there is any order that grouped wires need to go in. For example, for the three Port wires, do those three wires need to be placed in any specific order in the designated Port area on the DB 25?

Also, I have an IMU unit...how can I determine which two wires lead to the Auxilary portion of the connector?



The 3 wires for each motor can go in any order. Once you have the entire ROV assembled, the motor may spin in the wrong direction, but if it does there is a software check-box to use when calibrating the ESC to adjust this.

For the spare (AUX) wires, see step 62 in the Dozuki guide for 2.6. There were 6 wires potted for I2C and AUX. When you make up the DB-25 connector, you can attach these in any order. When you go to install the IMU/depth sensor, you can figure out at that time which wire is attached to which pin- you just use an ohmmeter to do a continuity check on each specific wire.