DB-25 connector


The diagram for the connections of the DB-25 connector (step 70) shows Port ESC 1A, 1B and 1C. How do I know which wire is which? Also which wire is Tether A and B?

Thanks Sam


It doesn’t matter. If you change the wires from the ESC, it only has influence on the direction the motors turn. That can be reversed in the cockpit, if neccessary. For the tether its unimportant how you connect it. It also says so in the instructions.


Good news- it doesn't matter! For the ESCs as well as for the tether, any combination of wire attachments will work.

The way brushless motors are wound, if you put the three wires from a motor in any configuration, the motor will spin, and if you switch any of two of the three wires, the motor will spin the other direction with the same command. You could try to make it so the motor spins a specific direction with a given command, but since you can reverse motor direction in Cockpit, it's easier to just hook the leads for each motor up at random and adjust the settings in Cockpit afterward.

For the tether, configuration also doesn't matter. The Homeplug standard works kind of like radio-over-wire, where the waveform can be found on both wires... sort of. Anyway, the bottom line is you can just solder those wires in at random.

Okay, good luck with your build- let us know how it turns out!



Thank you