DB-25 connector and wiring (V2.5)


Hey Guys,

I need to go through and solder up the DB-25 connector to the wires that are coming through the endcap. All of the wiring and soldering is very straight forward except for the drive motors. I am new to this and im not sure how to know what wires are "A,B,C" and although soldering isnt permanent I would like to know what I am wiring. Is this something you just wire up and then if it doesnt work you fix it later or do these wires have to be correct first try? And if they do, how do you know what is what (I understand that if you switch order of the wires it'll change the direction)




Good news- you can wire A, B, and C in any order! The way brushless motors work makes it so the motors will spin in any configuration, and switching any two of the wires will switch the direction of the motor.

Just wire them up in any order, and you can reverse any motors that need it using the "reverse" feature under Diagnostics in OpenROV Cockpit.

Good luck!



That is great news! Thank you!