Day 1 - OpenROV Update from NEEMO


The goal of the day was to prepare the ROV for the mission tomorrow (Wednesday) to the Aquarius base. Preparation involved testing the ROV's depth capabilities, how the brushless motors held up after an afternoon of heavy use in salt water, and work out any kinks. As it happened, we found the perfect place to do all the testing: Jules' Undersea Lodge. Jules' is a dive school and unique hotel that offers guests the chance to stay overnight underwater, similar to the aquanauts at Aquarius (although not nearly as technically demanding).

Photo courtesy of Jules' Undersea Lodge

All in all, the OpenROV performed as well as we could have hoped and we're scheduled to continue on to Aquarius tomorrow. We're expecting more challenges in terms of ocean swell and currents, but look forward to putting OpenROV to the test.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Looks good, how deep did you guys take it? Any leaks?


Today was no deeper than 10 meters. No leaks.

Tomorrow is much deeper. We're excited to see if/how/when she fails. So far, so good.


Nice pics! I'm really looking forward to seeing more. (Aaaannnnd I am intensely jealous - but who wouldn't be?)


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