Day 1 - Internal Structure


Internal Structure

First Day Of Building.

When I found the ROV package in my mail I quickly laid out the parts and began building

My Grandpa has a lot of experience with glue, so he assisted me in the build.

The build went smoothly. Since, there was a lot of different pieces it took some time to figure out which piece was which and which way it was attached. I would recommend double checking the instructions and the part. Also, at first we added too much glue which isn't a huge problem, because the glue gets sucked in the cracks and gets evenly disturbed. However, too much glue can slightly warp the structure. To help with our build we also watched the videos of the v2.4 ROV build before the build as a reference.

I plan on writing a blog post for each section of the build and I am also making a time lapse video of the build

Here is the setup



Nice job Sam - I wish I had borrowed your Grandpa!


Awesome Sam! Looking forward to seeing/reading more!


Can't wait to see more!


Great setup! You've done better than myself. I just found out that the second round of laser cutting the parts file conversion modified the scale and now I have to buy more acrylic and do it all over again! I don't think you'll have that problem.