Dana Point Harbor Test


I took my ROV to the Dana Point harbor earlier today and I was very pleased with how things worked. A lot of people were curious about what I was doing with my robot. Most people were surprised that I had built it.

When I started driving the ROV I realized something. Hundreds of people come to the Harbor everyday, but no one thinks it is possible to explore what is underneath the waves. So, they just leave it for other people to do. OpenROV definitely has the potential of changing that and that blew my mind.

Back to the rest of my day, I drove my ROV for a short time until, again, the ROV became unresponsive. I quickly disconnected power, thanks for the information Eric, and inspected for water damage. Surprisingly, the E-chassis stayed dry, the water had found it's way into the battery holders. This was simply fixed by drying the batteries and adding a layer of Teflon Tape. I then resumed my dive and drove until the sun went down. I had a great time and I can't wait to improve my driving skills and come back, because I know there is so many amazing things to discover.




Great post, Sam! I wish I were there with you- it sounds like you had a really great time. Keep up the good work. I always love reading your posts!





Nice job! ROV looks great!

And you're right. Anytime we drive the ROV, a crowd starts to form around us and we start hearing "Whoa, look at that!"

Very cool.


Nice. Dana point is definitely a good place to test a ROV. Now you need to start building payloads and testing them!


I am going to try and build a payload.