Dams and river exploration


Is the ROV 2.8 capable of exploration in slightly murky waters in Dams ?
Has anyone tried river exploration? Most of the videos ive seen here are in the ocean or lakes.


I usually dive in such environments. The two problem with murky water are that 1. it is extremely hard to see where you are going (IMU strongly recommended) and 2. once you are somewhere interesting it is hard to the cool stuff :slightly_smiling:

Riving diving can be pretty tough with strong currents as the ROV can not go sideways. But low current rivers will be fine! Another issue i face with shallow water is that the cable tends to get stuck more often than in the open ocean.


Well, that was fast.
Could you post some sample pics or video? I need the ROV to do some inspection in such waters , so visibility is crucial.
I could however compromise a bit on that.


exemplarily footage can be found here: dropbox link
I would estimated the visibility to about 1-2 meters. In general there is not much to show due to low visibility, but i hope you get an idea.


Looks like itll do.
If I add another light module i think it would be enough.
Thanks alot.


Btw do i get any tether with the Adventure kit?


Yeah, adding the new light cube will definitely help! I would recommend to do so. It will be available again soon.

The Adventure kit comes with the standard tether.


You should definitely get the light cubes! The internal lights are not that strong, and being inside the tube together with the camera they create glare, which becomes even more predominant when in murky waters with a lot of backscatter. So the light-cubes are a must.


They should be back in the store at the beginning of February. The first batch sold out much faster than expected and we are waiting on some parts to arrive.

External lights: alternatives to the light cubes

So light cubes it is.
Im still confused on the tether though.
Standards the 100m one right?


The ROV kit ships standard with 100m of tether.


Someone tried the trident in rivers?


I’ve done lots of diving in murky waters and some rivers without an IMU. I usually try to find the bottom and once there skim along it without stirring up too much. If you want to see some examples check out my vids on openrov.tv as I’ve recorded every dive and uploaded there…