Damaging is easy :(


Taday i did some resistance measurments to figure out the shortest possible way on the electronic boerd to connect the tether wires.

Result: No connection possible after connecting the wires as before when it works... :(


ouch! Sorry for you!


Thanks Benoit

Maybe i´m stupid today. After powering up the adaptor works and seeking for the second one but nothing happens when both are connected.


Somebody has an idea what happens?


Looks like the "coil" is not only some kind of physical barrier between low and high voltage. It seems to be some kind of amplifier. Tomorrow i test the connection with only a few centimeter of wire instead of 25m.


No way.

one pair of homeplugs RIP


With the damaged device i did a small test today.

As i read that connection losses are reported under high load i connect one homeplug to my power supply without active network.

After starting up i reduce the voltage step by step and short before 2.4V the adapter shut off.

I figured out that on the power board is one capacitor mounted already in the 3.3V "circuit" which is removed after hacking this adapter so there is nothing to handle voltage drops and keep stable communication.

If my time allows tomorrow i did the same test with the capacitor re in place and measure the time needed until the adaptor shut down.