Cross-Discipline Uses for the OpenROV Platform


I'm the Faculty Instructional Design and Development Coordinator at Folsom Lake College, a community college in Folsom, CA. I help other faculty develop innovative instruction, and I'm currently working with the Geosciences department on a project to use quadcopters for aerial imaging for GIS ( We're talking about expanding our remote sensing program, and the OpenROV platform seems to fit nicely. We're very close to a variety of lakes and reservoirs, and hope to use the OpenROV platform with a variety of disciplines, including CIS, GIS/Geosciences, Biology, OChem, Physical Science, Engineering and Physics, and maybe even in a new certificate program in Wastewater Management.

On a related educational note, the high schools in El Dorado County participate in an annual Watershed Education Summit (WES), in partnership with the state Water Resources Control Board, the El Dorado County and Georgetown Divide Resource Conservation Districts, and the U.S. Forest Service. Here's a link to the WES project: I'm going to work on connecting our efforts with those of the WES project.

I'm looking forward to hearing ideas about how others might use OpenROV in education.

We're ready to pull the trigger on at least two of the kits when they become available!