Cracks in acrilyc parts


Hi guys
I just started to put together my openrov. Since I was not able to find the acrilyc cement that was used in the instructions, I tried other cements as well as acetone. Whatever I used, as soon as I applied it, cracks appeared in the laser cut parts(especially around the holes). After reading more information about acrilycs I came to the conclusion, that these cracks came because of tensions inside the plastic due to the cutting. Did anyone else observe this and did anyone try to temper the parts before cementing?
Best regards from Switzerland


Grüezi Hub,
Yes, I have the tiny cracks, too. The laser cutting process (heating and cooling the acrylic very rapidly) leaves tension in the material which causes the acrylic to crack as soon as the glue hardens. However, this is more cosmetical than a functional issue.


I've had this issue too. Its pretty common when working with polycarbonates and such. I wouldn't worry about it.