Cpture err: execvp


Trying to resolve an error. See log. Any ideas? I cannot locate where the capture err: is being generated from. The video camera works using mjpg_streamer. Also, I verified the directory /dev/shm/2012-09-30 was generated. It doesn't appear to be the proper date for a directory however.

rov@OpenROV:~$ ./startrov.sh
config { debug: true,
sample_freq: 20,
dead_zone: 10,
video_frame_rate: 15,
production: 'production',
port: 8080 }
info - socket.io started
Started listening on port: 8080
initiating camera on /dev/video0
writing images to /dev/shm/2012-09-30
/dev/video0 found
spawning capture process...
capture exited: 127
capture err: execvp(): No such file or directory

command go(90,90,90);
command go(90,90,90);


rov@OpenROV:~/openrov-software/src$ date
Tue Oct 30 01:35:39 UTC 2012


Hi Dan,

Not sure if you fixed your issue by now. Anyway.

Have you compiled capture.c file?

Basically, what "capture err: execvp(): No such file or directory" tells you is, it doesn't find the application 'capture'.




Actually, this error was from when I was trying to roll my own OpenROV software via the Wiki. I had a SD card I was doing some other work on and I was trying to load the ROV on that same card. I eventually shifted over to your Ubuntu image with a new SD card. I finally figured it would be much easier to keep up to date with changes by just re-flashing the image each time. :)