Correct chassis orientation of the IMU/Depth Module 2.0


Tim Stentz wrote:
"The second photo (Step 11) is not correct now, the wires should be facing forward (for IMU2 in any case). The current code is written for wires forward orientation. I would change the instructions and the photo, but I’m new here."
OpenROV replied with:
"The 30.0.3 version of the software should be written for the wires in the orientation in the picture. Can you clarify what part of the code you are looking at where you believe this direction is wrong. It very well may be and we would like to get to this bottom of this ASAP."
Tim Stentz never responded.
Was this IMU/Depth Module 2.0 chassis orientation issue ever resolved?

I can't get the IMU working

Since I never heard back from him and this is the only report that I have seen and every ROV that we have ever built here in the lab (plus all the ones in the field built by users) has it in the orientation in the pictures, I believe the instructions are correct. If someone believes that we are wrong, please do let us know.


Hi Brian,
Thanks for the update, much appreciated.