Coordinating Students


In order to keep each student busy working on the ROV, I combed through the instructions and came up with a flow chart that I've shared so that you guys can use it too. If you sign into Google, you can make a copy of the document for yourself. This will allow you to make changes which you can share with your students (like I have done in the example below). The text in each rectangle (in the Google Doc I shared, not the picture below) is a hyperlink that takes you directly to that step in the instruction set.

I'm using colors with mine to help keep track of what's completed and who is assigned to which step.

Light blue: Uncompleted step

Light Grey: Completed step

Pink: Student assigned to attached and following steps

Yellow: For students who complete their assigned steps early

If you'd like to help make improvements, contact me and I'll grant you editing privileges.


This is so awesome! I am a novice builder in so many ways, your flow chart is helping me orient to the overall project and set up. I am highlighting the boxes as we complete them and posting the flow chart in my room to give us all a sense of progress and accomplishment.

Thank you for making the flowchart!


Thank you for posting this flow-chart. My students are excited to build and are already thinking of ways to use the ROV. The part that I love about the flow-chart is the ability to manage several students working on the ROV and being able to visually see what has been completed and what still needs to be done. Again, thank you for sharing this resource.