Cool Idea Award


Proto Labs is running it's annual Cool Idea! Award contest. It's a way for products and ideas to get machining and injection molding services.

This may be a cool opportunity for us to pool all of our ideas together and try to get some of our nice-to-have ideas made (Ben's magnetically coupled drive, new propellers, better battery pack designs, etc).

What do you think? Anyone want to put something together with me?


Count me in! There's a couple of parts on the thrusters that would be perfect for injection molding, and the results would look way better than what I'm going to be able to manage in my basement.

One of the best part for this would be the thruster nozzles - they have the right symmetries to be made by IM and would allow several parts to be combined!


Alright Ben! Lets do this! I'll send in an application.