Controlling Trident mounted GoPro with independent tablet



Hi there. I am setting up a system to control a GoPro 7 mounted on my Trident. To run this independently from my ROV controller I have a Panasonic FZ-G1 ToughPad, running Windows 8.1. My hope is to have this run wirelessly, or may have to have the ToughPad attached to the Topside via its USB.
In order to control the GoPro I have to use the GoPro App. This app can only be run on Android 6.0.1 or over.
Also, the GoPro App requires a 64 bit system (which the Pad is).

I have partitioned the Toughpad’s hardrive and installed the 8.1.rc2 release (based on Android 8.1.0 Oreo MR1 release) onto the partition. The release downloaded from The Android x86 Project.
I’m stuck at the moment because the bios can’t see the Android partition as being bootable. Still trying to suss this, and open to any ideas why this is so.
Once I’ve solved the Android boot problem my next stages are:

  1. Load the GoPro App onto Android Partition. Make sure it can control the GoPro 7 wirelessly (bluetooth)
  2. Attach GoPro to Trident and ensure the Toughpad is accessing the GoPro through the Trident cable and bandwidth.

I am curious as to how others are controlling their GoPro’s (and other payloads), either with ROV controller or independent one, as I am attempting. How are you getting GoPro app to play with Trident system? Keen on what software and hardware being used. Cheers everyone!