Controlling OpenROV using Raspberry Pi 2



Is there a way to Control the ROV using a raspberry pi 2?

Which Linux Distribution is recommended?

I just started using Linux so is it possible to get a step by step instructions on how to setup the Pi 2 With the openROV cockpit ?

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OpenROV cockpit using Raspberry Pi B+
2.8 Open Source Files

Hey can I use the code to make an open rov using raspberry pi 2


From my understanding you can run our individual software packages on a Linux version on the pi. You will not be able to take our main build file and load it directly on though.

@badevguru can you provide more detail?


I believe there may be several other on the forum already running on the 1st generation pi. It is acually easier now since the pi2 is the same generation arm architecture as the beaglebone black.

Assuming you start with a recent Debian image. You can add our stable debian repository to the apt-get sources and then simply apt-get install openrov-rov-suite. Your 99% of the way there. I would grep for the .sh files and see if there are any that you need to change. Also the /opt/openrov/cockpit/linux/rc.local has beaglebone specific references to the LEDs and the capemanager. You will need to figure out what the pi2 equivalent happens to be.

If you and some others want to get serious about this and make it a full on community project, we can setup the project topic in the forum. If you find any areas that are not abstracted enough to just work I would be happy to take those as either PRs or issues in github to fix.



@badevguru, is apt-get install openrov-rov-suite a new thing or is that something I should have known about a long time ago instead of installing all of the software individually and manually? And if possible I would like to help with setting up an actual fork of the Github software project for pi2 (maybe a separate SD card image)- I have a lot of experience manually getting the software to work on the pi but I have never used Github so there’s a learning curve there. Exactly how do you add the stable debian repository to the apt-get sources?


It is newish. You can find the repo in github for it to see what it does. The goal was to be able to take a stock bbb debian image and be able to turn it into a openrov image with one command. Given the pi2 is so close now, I don’t think it would take much abstraction work to get the concept to run on a pi2.

As far as forking the code. If we do this right it feels to me you should just have to fork a hardware abstraction project. Sounds like a project that could get a bunch of other forum members excited to help.


@badevguru - sorry to bother you but how exactly do I add the stable OpenROV debian repository? I have tried sudo apt-get install openrov-rov-suite and it can’t find the package.


See as I’ll be using the raspberry pi 2 what other boards and components will I be needing to control the open rov?


Hey can you share your contact numbers. If I have any difficulties I can contact u directly