Controlling 2 OpenROV's at the same time


Hi all,

Planning out my build just now and want to use 2x Beaglebones and 2x OpenROV controller boards, I would love to have a pan and tilt, 2 cameras and 4 lateral thrusters so that the sub could "crab" or move laterally left and right, along with 2 Vertical thrusters (Not a priority)

On the whole going to built a new body but try and assemble a more traditional looking ROV but with OpenROV parts,

Not sure if its possible to control 2 boards at the same time, using a Hub and 2x twisted pairs? Not sure how hard it would be to programme as I'm not too clued up with programming.

Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.


a diffrent approach would need more programming, but less hardware.

the new 2.5 controller board has 2 spare pwm outputs. these two could be used for the pan and lateral thruster.

you dont need own outputs for each lateral thruster. one could either paralell connect motors to one esc, or paralell connect esc to the same servo/esc output.

two cameras: usb hub on one beaglebone?


Im all about getting as much as I can from the boards, thanks Thomas :) should have looked more into the board's hardware capability,

as for verts, no major problems running 2 thrusters in parallel? not used alot of ESC's so that'll be a new one for me.

The reason for the 4 lateral thrusters is for the lateral movement using vectored thrusters like a traditional ROV, you can keep looking at something as you rotate around it.

cameras? I can sort that one out later, worst comes to worst run another cat5 cable in conjunction with the twisted pair umbilical and run 2x mini security camera via scart. usb capture card to get the video in and take it from there, basic but functional, the usb hub and beaglebone is pretty dang clever :)


for vectored thrusters to handle forward/back, turn and latheral you're just missing one channel on the 2.5board

the Openrov control board 2.5 has 6 outputs for esc's or servoes. with the setup youre looking at now you'll need a total of 7.

4 pcs for vectored thrusters

1 for vertical thuster

2 for camera pan/tilt

the last 7. output can be hacked from one of the pwm light/laser outputs or similar.

but as mentioned, these modifications will need alot of modifications to the software...


I am running two vertical thrusters now using the one vertical PWM. but you have to use two ESC's driven from the one PWM connector. This is because of the feed back given to the esc from the motor, when you have two motors and only one esc it gets confused and it's a hit or miss to get both motors to run in harmony. It works great with two ESC's.