Controller options for Trident



If I get a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 to control my trident, could I get a microusb adapter and use my Xbox One controller on it?




I have been using a Steelseries Stratus XL wireless controller with my Samsung tablet to control the Trident.
I like the cordless Bluetooth capability as I tend to move around and having my tablet in a stable mount with a sun shade on works best for me.
This helps me operate the trident both visually on the surface and then remotely using the tablet during a dive.


Thanks for the tip!

The main reason we’d like to use this is that we already have the Xbox controller and want to save money


Has anyone tried to use the DJI Crystalsky Ultra-Bright Monitor with the Trident?


Yes! I’ve seen one be used. OpenROV Cockpit had to be side loaded onto the device but as I recall, it worked pretty well. I’ll try to find more details to post.


Just thought I’d chime in on this thread:

I recently came across a video on YouTube showing how to connect the Nintendo switch controllers to an android phone using Bluetooth. I set up a left and a right controller, but I was only able to start/stop video recording, power lights on and off, and reverse the pitch control.