Controller Dead Zone


After sorting out a funked ESC, I can now make progress on the ROV.

Perhaps I have missed it and if so, I apologize. Is there a “Deadzone” setting somewhere to take care of joystick drift? The joysticks on my XBox 360 controller work fine but do no re-center very well (appears typical from my readings).

Any suggestions?


Hey Charles,

Check out this thread:


Thanks Brian; you’re the king!!

Searched us and searched and came up blank. Keyword Gamepad… Not joystick. Got it :smile:

So, I can either learn how to compile my own image after changing these settings (right?) or, cheap out and buy a Logitech gamepad as others suggested.


So… you can go to the dashboard, start the cloud9 ide that is installed on the ROV, and from there edit the files directly on the ROV. After you save the file, you just have to refresh the browser window containing the cockpit to test the changes.


Oh man! That easy‽‽ Thanks !

I feel like I am missing a key guide… Perhaps I just need to go and start reading the forum at Post #1 :slight_smile:


Hello Brian

I found the settings you mentioned. Thanks for your help; it certainly is much appreciated.

I will give them a try once I sort out Smokes - Literally