Controller board problem?


Our rover is fully built and we are starting to try to communicate with it, but there seems to be a problem with our controller board. When connected, it turns on for a moment then completely shuts off. We started to encounter this problem while we were programming the motor controllers. We WERE able to stream video with the cock pit and we did upload the new firmware. Now the power shuts off and we can't connect to the cock pit. Is there anything you guys may know that can help?


Hi Annie

It sounds like you may have a short in the electronics somewhere.

to troubleshoot do the following:

1. remove the BBB from the controller and the USB camera then power it up with the small usb port using a small usb power adapter. Connect up to it using a patch cable connected to your computer. If that works then try adding on the USB Camera but this may not show video in the cockpit unless the Power adapter you are using can source enough current to turn it on.

2. Add the BBB to the controller and turn off all the ESC switches leaving off the Home Plug Adapter. install jumpers on J12 & J17 this will power up the Controller & BBB. You should now be using the LiPo Batteries and have +12v power applied to the Controller board. See if the Cockpit comes up.

3. If your system does not stay powered up at this point you may have a short most likely where the ESC's are soldered to the Control Board or on the DB25 pin connector.

Let us know if you can get this far.