Controller board does not power on


Hi, I'm building the 2.6 kit, I had no major problems until turning on the ROV for the first time. So I plugged everything as said in the step 76 of the assembly instruction, but when I plug the USB of the Topside adapter I get only 2 light on (no 3rd one blinking) and nothing on the controller board.

I checked both +12V on the DB25, and they are there. The only sign of life of the controller board is when I plug the DB25; I get 2 LEDs turning very shortly on.

So now 2 questions:

Should the BBB turn on when the DB25 is plugged?

and, what should I do?




I investigated a bit further. On the DB25, I get 5V DC from the tether, but I don't get those 5V at the OC1 inlet (which should turn on the controller?) Is this normal?

If I shortcut the power switch, the controler turn on.



I could fix the problem!! I should have think a bit more before calling for help!!