Controller Board 2.6 using with Afro 12Amp ESC


I use the 2.6 Controllerboard and want fit the Afro ESC on it.
On the 2.7 Board the capacitor are already on it.
How must i connect it to Version 2.6



Hey Henk,

FYI, the 20A version has the capacitor already attached to the ESC. If you really want to use the 12A ESC I’ll have to let someone with more electrical chomps explain what would be needed. :man_with_gua_pi_mao:


Thank you,

I think the 12 Amp does not build so much heat as a 20 Amp.
Can I short the USB cable from the Camera without out Problems ?


Actually, I think the heat will be a function of the actual Amps pumped through the ESCs. The system will only ever peaks at 10Amps through the ESCs regardless of type so the heat build should be about the same.

There are several forum posts where others have successully cut and made smaller USB cables: