Control via intetnet


Hi guys, I 'm just wondering, has anyone with a Trident tried to control it via the internet yet ?
I 'm hoping to try it when I get mine and would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.


I am not certain to understand what you would exactly like to do. You always need to have an android tablet at the place where your trident is diving. With a remote desktop tool, like Teamviewer you can access remotely via internet the android tablet to take control of your Trident. I honestly do not see in which case this could be usefull.
In case you mean by internet control the mean to control the Trident via an internet browser, this is not possible for the time being but may be implemented later.


Hi Marc,

Thanks very much for your advice, much appreciated. Sorry for not making my query clearer. What I was wondering was, if and how it would possible for one person to place the Trident in the water, and then someone else controlled the Trident somewhere else via the internet using the cellular network. Drone enthusiasts use a programme such as “Andruav” , and the underwater drone company “Aquabotix” claim that their drone can controlled via internet. I was wondering if any beta or early customers had tried this yet.

Thanks again,

John Cahill


I am also very interested in remote access and control of Trident and I have this at the top of my list of things to do after finishing the payload modules.

I have been led to believe there are likely to be some latency type issues to overcome before remote access and control is smooth enough for mainstream use. I have also been led to believe this feature is under development and might be possible in the near future.