Control OpenROV from Beaglebone Black tablet


Hi everyone,

I’m new to the community and new to ROV’s.

As a project to keep me occupied over the winter, I’m thinking of building an ROV similar to the 2.8 from the plans on GitHub.

I don’t know if anyone has considered yet, the use of a BeagleBone Black game console-style control interface of the ROV. Here’s an example: BeagleBone GamingCape
Would I be correct in thinking this would make for a very portable and mobile control system?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.



I can see a few problems with using the BBB gaming cape;

  1. The screen resolution is too low. 320x240 would be terrible for piloting an ROV. Telemetry would be nearly impossible to read.

  2. Not enough controls on the controller. A few more buttons would be nice to control the lights, depth, heading and lasers

  3. Not sure if it will run chrome/chromium. Does Angstrom have a chromium repo complied for ARM?

  4. Next revision OpenROV software will have UI’s for smartphones and tablets. Why not use the very portable and mobile computer you already have in your pocket?