Connection Troubleshooting (v2.6)


So I just finished the hardware part of my OpenROV (v2.6). I followed the steps in the documentation for connecting for the first time in Chome...and nothing.

I know there isn't a troubleshooting guide yet, so I had to go explore my options. The topside adapter is good to go, all three lights are up as expected. When I took a look at the Controller Board, here is what I have:

The BTX and BRX lights are not illuminating, but the BBB obviously has a connection to the Homeplug. I tried swapping out Ethernet cables on the E-Chassis because I remember someone earlier had an issue with the patch cable. But no joy for me.

Any thoughts about what's going on here?



Well the good news is I got it to connect, after I tore everything apart and rebuilt the E-Chassis, but now I get a black screen for the camera. And the trouble shooting continues....


Its not helping you much, but I have the same issue, able to control thrusters etc and no video.


That's ok, we'll get this one figured out. I plan on tearing everything down tomorrow and rechecking all the connections.

After that, I think the way ahead is to buy another BBB and load the newest image on an SD card and just swap out the BBB's. Thank God all these parts are cheap and off-the-shelf!


Hey Kevin & Kjetil,
We're working on the troubleshooting guide right now. It's a work in progress, but the beginning can be seen here:


Hi Kevin and Kjetil:

If everything works except for the video, try hitting the button that zeros the depth sensor. Sounds crazy I know, but it seems to work in many cases. I believe Brian has fixed this particular issue in the GitHub tree, but I don't think it has made it to any of the releases yet.



Hey Kevin:

Let us know if you can find a BBB anywhere! CircuitCo is in the process of cutting over to a new revision of the board, and doesn't seem to have managed the change very well. If they don't start getting units out in the next couple of weeks, we're going to be sweating bullets here at OROV HQ.


David and Walt,

Thanks for the help, I'm not at home today to test, but I'm just relieved it's a known software issue and not anything I did. It had video one of the first times I booted it up.

After this fix, if the BBB is stable, I'd like to leave it as is, just so I know I have one that works. I'd like to have the second one as my experimental BBB, even though I have no idea what I'm doing with the programming yet. I still have a lot of reading to do. I can at least get the newest image running.

Walt, Amazon says they still have BBB's Rev B in stock: Amazon BBB Rev B.


David and Walt,

Thanks for the help, I just hit the Depth Zero button whenever I boot up the ROV and everything works great! If you're tracking these, #763 is fully operational.