Connection problem


Yesterday everything worked fine.

Today I have only video...nothing else.


"Homeplug connect" is blinking

I have tried repairing


Reset to default

Still same problem.


I have tried repairing


Reset to default

pushed together the homeplug adapter in the ROV

same problem


Problem solved.

Needed to re-upload the image.

Guess if you use another laptop then you have to do this again. New image to new laptop.


I don't know why you needed to reload the Arduino code, but if it worked that's good. There is no relationship between the laptop being used and the software on the ROV. If your ROV is working now, try switching back to your original laptop and see if it still works.



I had an issue, in salt water, in which the rov would restart frequently and occassionally (though multiple times in one trip) it would stop working and the thing that fixed it for me was re-uploading the code to arduino.

Given that it occurred in salt water but not in my tub or the magical waters of Lake Tahoe, I am guessing my motor joints and other wiring need to be better sealed.


Interesting. There is an issue where if the communication between the arduino and the beaglebone have problems, especially right after a frimware update, the beaglebone may fail to get the software version information from the arduino and goes in to "safe" mode where it disables motors. There will be hints in the /var/log/openrov.log file that keep saying incompatible arduino version number. Power-cycling the system should clear that condition however.

I have put an issue in to the system to track making the Arduino version checking more tolerant: