Connection of the ESC1 Esc2 Esc3 to the servo output controller board


Hi, I am a new member of the forum, my name is Stefano. In am not certainly around the right connection of the three ESC modules to the servo output of the controller board. My connection is:
ESC1 is connected to D6 servo output.
ESC2 is connected to D7 servo output
ESC3 is connected to D8 servo output.

Is right? Thanks!


Not sure if you saw Zack’s reply on Dozuki:

Hey Stefano,
The picture does show them unhooked, but they should arrive connected when you order one. In case they aren’t the ESCs are connected in this order: far right d6, middle d7, far left d8 when looking at the board with the DB-25 connector at the top and facing you. Servo attaches to d11.
Zack, February 16