Connecting Trident tethers



I’m hoping the team will develop something once the kickstarter backers have all gotten their Tridents…
I’m thinking something along these lines shouldn’t be too difficult (although smaller of course).


This is probably not so easy as you may think (boyancy, pressure, frequency of opening the protective case, …) and having 25 metres in plus will not change the world ! You only take rhe risk to exceed the 100 m limit and after this discussions will start on warrenty aso.
You will probably see that most of the time you will not dive below 30 meters.


I too am very interested in daisy chaining tethers to get better length for use at depth as I have a few neutral tethers already (OpenROV 2.7 & BlueROV2) that ideally should be able to be used across the multiple units (one of my main focuses is for the deeper end of the depth range of the units)

I would really appreciate a few images of the connection of the tether to the trident (mine’s not arriving till June [Super Early Bird Special with the upgraded motors]) as this is obviously suitable for 100m depth

I am also interested if OpenROV intends to offer end/connections in their store



Around 30m I have no problem diving myself. I’ve even done 70 meters without problem ( although not in the Baltic). What I want the Trident for is going to the places I can’t go myself or possibly to check out the places that take a bit of effort before I decide to go there, like 40 meters plus. A 125 meter tether would be a significant improvement compared to a 100 meter tether in my book. You’re not likely to be positioned right above the target but will need some leeway to get around.


Totally agree. You need more than 100m tether to reach 100m depth. Being able to daisy chain tethers would be a great plus.


I’m pretty sure Eric has answered/discussed this in the comments section at Kickstarter. I think it was said that 100+25 would probably be doable but 100+100 would require some kind of powered signal amplifier.