Connecting to a different ROV?



tl;dr: How is it possible for a computer connect to an rov nearby wirelessly when its wireless is turned off and it is connected by wire to an rov? Read below for details.

This is going to be a bit of a saga. If you know anything about networks or ROV connections please read on! The current working troubleshooting theories include connecting through the electrical outlets, magical wifi networks and demons.

I was trying to connect to an ROV and was getting the error message “your IP address is already in use on this network.”

After unplugging, and replugging and turning everything (wifi, laptop, rov) on and off I changed IP address (with the ending of .3 rather than .2) and connected perfectly.

It is important to note that two laptops controlling two different rovs were next to each other. The two laptops were charging in the same power outlet. My rov was being in the pool and the rov next to me was sitting poolside a few feet away.

After about 30 seconds, I suddenly connected to the ROV next to me. My screen and the computer next to me showed the same image. Both my computer and the computer next to me turned off our wifi. This seemed to solve the problem. I was once again connected to my rov. I started driving my rov again and I again connected to the rov next to me rather my own.

How is this possible? Both of our wifis were off. There was no direct wired connection between the other rov and my computer. The laptops were both charging in the same outlet. I know some of the circuitry is from a product that transmits data through your residential electrical system. Is this how it happened? Do the beagle boards have wifi connections that could have caused this to happen?

We then disconnected the usb to the other rov cutting the power and I stayed connected to my own rov.


This is a known situation. If you want to control multiple ROVs you can run them through the same topside box and then use a router to assign new IP addresses for the ROVs and then you can control multiple robots with multiple computers.

We have found that in order to run ROVs near each other, all parts need to be separated by about 5 meters.

Check out this previous post that gives more detail.


One thing to be wary of is that the ROVs act as DHCP servers, so they will try to assign IP addresses to computers that connect to the network they are on. You may need to assign your computers a static IP to avoid being assigned an address multiple times or have multiple devices assigned the same IP. It’s basically like connecting two additional routers to your router.