Connecting the Graupner threaded Prop to a 4mm smooth motor shaft



I'm looking for a good way to connect the 4mm female threaded Graupner prop to a 4mm smooth shaft.

Is there a collet out there with a 4mm threaded shaft that can use the Graupner prop to as the compression nut for the collet?

I'd consider threading the shaft with a die, but I think it would be best to have a little more distance between the motor and prop.




Hi Doug

I have tried couplers and I found that the best way is to just epoxy the prop on the shaft. I use a file to cut groves in the shaft to allow the epoxy to better grip it others just sand it which should work just fine. I have extra motors and props ready to go in case I should need one. The couplers add more length and you may get more wobble in the prop which does not seem to happen as much when I epoxy them. PS I never did find a good coupler to adapt the motor shaft to the 4mm prop.

Good luck


Thanks David

I have motors with 4mm shafts so I'm going to try the collet below but use a nut to compress the collet and another nut as a jam nut against the prop. Hopefully that will work.