Connecting ESCs


Just wanted to check something. I have soldered each ESC to the board with the 5 wires. Do the ESC plugs (black, red, white wires)have to be connected to the board at all? Cannot see any reference to the plugs in the build info



The 3-pin (black, red, white) connectors on the ESCs plug into the servo output connectors (J8 on the 2.5 controller board, J20 and J21 on the 2.6 Controller Board). See step 58 in the Dozuki instructions for OROV 2.6.



Thanks for that Walt. Not sure what went wrong but in the print out of the build that I have step 58 only refers to the connection of the lights! The previous step mentions connecting the servo but nothing about esc’s. Will now refer to online version. Thank you also for your extra tips that you posted - cutting down the Ethernet jumper saved a lot of hassle