Connecting a ViewBox?


Hi All, We are a marine protected area on the island of Jamaica. We’ve recently obtained one of the OpenROV and really love the idea of showing the local students what its like underwater. We’re currently using the singularity controller and even though the screen is large enough for the person controlling, we recently wondered if its possible to connect another device to the cockpit (e.g. a tablet) for live viewing of whatever the controller is seeing.

This would be great as the tablet could be passed around a group with ease without disturbing the controller’s screen.

Please let me know if this is possible, i believe the receiver operates on something similar to a wifi connection and wondered (haven’t tried) if this is possible? also would we need to add the cockpit app to the 2nd device? if so, would the second device also have the ability to control the ROV, this would seem problematic.

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It is possible that this forum line can help you. This has not been resolved, but you can follow up here.

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WHITERIVERFS …My 1st post… am on south coast, just received a Trident, but other considerations have delayed getting submerged . Wish you all the best with your project…



Thanks for the kind words be sure to share with the world whenever you do your first exploration



I think what you want is a Screen Mirroring App. Many go over bluetooth or local wifi, not internet or cellular. I am not sure if controls would be active on the screen mirror or not, I would guess not but may depend on the app. Another idea would be to cut a thick piece of plexiglass to the screen size and tape it to whatever tablet case you are using, that should block the touch screen from inputs.



Me again…on the matter of insurance…have you been able to find a company yet? Any help in this would be appreciated.