Configure the ECS/Motor Zero Point?


We Build everything together on a testbed.

The Problem ist the Motors stop not a the "Zero"-Point. That mens if I start up the Board some Motor (Starboard & Pordside) running slowly Backwards.

If I press forward th Motors go Forward. After That the go slowly backwards.

If I use the Preflight Check I can see that the Motors stop at around 0.07.

I Alredy Checkt the Programming of the ECS, It seems to be right.

The Vertical is only slightly of. So he is not running automatic.

I also not understand the function of the 4th bar. "DeadZone" in the Preflight Check. I Thoght it is to center the Motors. ?


Did you also Calibrate the ESC's using the Diagnostic Panel and use the instructions for doing so?


ähm Ups. I have Overlook.this part. Thx.