Computer vision


Hi all

Albeit I'm being quite busy this days (Work, work, work ...... ) I've got a little bit time for making some research.

I'm playing with OpenCV. An open source library for computer vision that I've found to be quite useful.

My skills with the lenguages used in the OpenROV project are very limited, hence Im playing around with C# and .NET.

Making things like image recognition is really easy by using this library.

Im trying to improve the laser telemeter concept but I'm sure you could find a lot more uses for this library.

Best regards.


More than a self-reply an update.

Testing with C++ now.


How far did you get? I am working with my son on a similar project. He has OpenCV installed on the BeagleBone. But a program that uses OpenCV is unable to see the camera. Is your program able to detect the camera? BTW, the camera feed is visible when accessed through the cockpit.


Im still working on my "base" computer. Yes I've managed to capture the cam.

About how it works on the beaglebone, still not tested.

Does your soft return anykind of error ? Or it simply doesn't work ?

Most problems I've got were related to declaration of libraries paths and around confusing debug and release opencv libraries.

I've made tests with a few releases of OpenCV, and ... I still don't know why, despite they would have to be fully compatible, some of them work while others don't.



Man, I've been wanting to do this with species identification and tracking for ages. You guys check this out from MBARI, would be great to integrate.


Oh, and if you like the AVED or want to branch into more interesting OpenCV stuff witht he ROV, I'd love to fork off the current release and collaborate on something interesting.


Hi Jim:

Im now using part of my spare time (time left after .... walking with my dogs, "living" with my girlfriend, garden, attending other projects, ....... ), for studying the OpenCV libraries capabilities.

It does not seem to be an "unable to be resolved" thing to make an object tracing soft, based on shape and/or colour composition.

As I posted on another thread, Im researching using C++.

May I know if C++ would be an useful lenguage for OpenROV ? My idea is making the whole thing run on the "surface" computer.

Other ideas could be:

Building an accurate laser telemetry system. --> Parallax

Building an spectroscopic analysis tool (Researching now on water Fresh/Sea, ligh scatering and absortion) --> White led for calibration.

DR and Autopilot (seems to be easiest one)

An accurate possitioning system, simple, cheap and trustful (Seems to me this is the more complex one). ---> Thinking on using a rotating sound bean.



It doesn't find the device. I know the exact same program runs fine on a laptop with OpenCV when the camera is connected to the laptop's USB port. We have also run the program on a Raspberry Pi so we know that it's not an ARM architecture issue, We wanted to try to test if we can get something with openCV working on BeagleBone Black (BBB) running OpevROV software. No luck yet. But we have only spent limited amount of time on it so far. Our ultimate goal is to use this system to run the robosub challenge

I will keep you informed if we make any progress.