Computer requirements



What are the minimum computer requirements for running the sw when using the rov?

Reason for asking is that I have a PackardBell model PAV80 DOT SE-333NC that I bring with me on trips as it's small and leightweight

Intel Atom N450 / 1.66 GHz / 512 KB Cache


160 GB HDD

10.1" LED 1024 x 600 / WSVGA

Think there would be similar one in the US from ACER as they own Packard Bell..


Hi Carsten,

you control the ROV in an Internetbrowser over LAN. It is recommended to use Google Chrome for this task.

So the minimum system requirements for your Computer are the minimum system requirements of Google Chrome and that your computer has a LAN connector (as almost all Laptop).

You are good to go with your machine.

The ROV itself acts as a webserver and hosts the website that you control it in, so all you do is going trough the LAN down the tether to interact with it like you would with an actual internetpage.


You may run into an issue with video freezing or very jittery because it takes alot cpu resources.

To reduce this you can change the video resolution to svga in the ROV code, you can also put your system into SafeMode with networking to make sure all unnecessary programs and services don't get loaded to use up memory & cpu resources. Below is the file that needs to be changed on the ROV. On your system you can also change your screen resolution to match that of the ROV so when you record your dive it shows up full screen.

Video Freezing:
Link to change Video to SVGA

sudo vi opt/openrov/src/lib/config.js

@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ module.exports = {
sample_freq: (process.env.SAMPLE_FREQ && parseInt(process.env.SAMPLE_FREQ)) || 20, //Hz
dead_zone: process.env.DEAD_ZONE && parseInt(process.env.DEAD_ZONE) || 10,
video_frame_rate: process.env.VIDEO_FRAME_RATE && parseInt(process.env.VIDEO_FRAME_RATE) || 15,
- video_resolution: process.env.VIDEO_RESOLUTION || 'SVGA',
+ video_resolution: process.env.VIDEO_RESOLUTION || '1920x1080',
video_device: process.env.VIDEO_DEVICE || '/dev/video0',
video_port: process.env.VIDEO_PORT || 8090,
port: process.env.PORT || 8080,



Thanks for the info's - couldn't find any on website...

So think I will upgrade memory to 2gb first as that would help out the cpu alot before running safemode