Complete 2.8 kit, all upgrades, tether reel and working gripper claw - $1750 CAD


For various reasons I’m looking to get rid of my ROV.
It’s a completed and functioning 2.8 kit, with pro camera upgrade, IMU/depth sensor, two external light cubes, logitech gamepad for control, and a tether spool with slip ring. All original accessories, batteries, chargers and spare parts (o-rings etc.) also included, along with the original 2.8 camera board.

It also comes with a working grabber claw, specs and bench test you can see here. And I’ll even throw in my openROV beanie which I’ve never worn

Very little use, basically just testing. Only actually in the water a couple times, and each time the motors were thoroughly flushed with water repellent silicone lubricant.

I accidentally clipped the tether at about the 25m mark(didn’t actually measure it but it was more than half) when testing out some neutral flotation ideas. So there’s approximately 75m of tether on the reel, instead of the original 100. Will include the other piece of tether as well. The lasers are also not correctly aligned. Took them out after my first attempt and realigned. First test they were fine, then a week later they were off again, so I gave up.

$1750 CAD ONO for the works, will include shipping in Canada, add $50 for US shipping, $75 for International.


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