Compact Arduino Mega on kickstarter might be good for Small ROV's


What do you guys think of the kickstarter project for a small embedded arduino Mega?


The mega is allready implemented in OpenROV..

Problem with that embedded mega is you have to stack up and that uses space - a thing openrov doesn't have much of...



I think the MegaCube would be even better. it's no taller then an arduino Mega and it's a smaller form factor then an Uno. if you were using an Arduino Mega in your ROV this would cut the amount of room taken up by more then 1/2 freeing space for more sensors, cameras, etc...


Hi Mike:

Generally, the big space-eater in ROV electronics is all the interface circuitry, not the CPU. That's why here at OpenROV we've gone to a Arduino-Mega clone that is integrated on a board that contains all the I/O that is necessary to run the vehicle. If you use a standalong Mega, of whatever size or form-factor, you now need to do a bunch of work to properly interface all the electronics to make the ROV run. I guess I don't see where the value add is here. But, we're always interested in seeing new designs- so if you make an OpenROV using one of these kickstarter boards, please be sure to post some photos!