Community Development FTW! (Part II)


Over the past few days on the forums, there have been a flurry of awesome upgrades and hacks made by a few community members. I figured it was worth a blog post to point a few of them out.


- Created a new, 3D-printed mount for the battery packs. Which are a nice replacement for the (sometimes annoying) reusable zip ties.

- Created a 3D-printed device for easily removing the battery pack end caps. For anyone who's done this a number of times, you know how hard it can be on your fingers. Marcus is a genius.


- "Fun and Games with LED Modules"

- At Maker Faire, Walt talked about an idea for re-doing the tilt servo inside the electronics tube. Well, now he's put it together. Here's a blog post about his upgraded design.

John S

- John has been working on a tether management system. His latest involved small blocks of wood to keep the tether from getting tangled.

- John has been trying some new ideas on the e-tube. Here's his latest.

Did I miss anything else? Have you been modifying the design at home and haven't shared it on the forum yet? Keep us posted!