Community-built Sampling Device –get one for free! Announcements


Hello pilots,

I'd really like to show you what some of my friends have been working on. This is really great and everyone should vote for them because they've put in so much hard work and thought into this.


I'm not going to spoil any of the genius here, please click through to the instructable and vote them up...they really deserve it.

GET ONE! We're going to build about 10 of these here at OpenROV HQ in a few months. If you think you've got the guts to get out there and sample some plankton with us, let me know and I will ship our top 10 candidates one for free to hook up to your OpenROV.

Happy plankton gathering!

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I have a Marine Biologist friend in Central Florida with a OpenROV 2.8 who I am sure would like to participate in the plankton sampling effort along with myself.


Wow sounds like a neat piece of instrumentation. Marine Science students at at the University of South Carolina would likely be able to put it to good use in future projects!


I’ll be ROVing in Mid Coast Maine (Phippsburg) this summer and would be very excited to collect samples.