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Hello pilots,

I'd really like to show you what some of my friends have been working on. This is really great and everyone should vote for them because they've put in so much hard work and thought into this.


I'm not going to spoil any of the genius here,

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Bay Area Hack Day @ OpenROV May 30th 2015
Bay Area Hack Day @ OpenROV May 30th 2015

Raising both hands!
That’s a very cool project and I was looking for a cool field project for the local marine school students.


Put us in the runnings!


This is absolutely awesome. I still need to put an OpenROV together, so put me on the “maybe” list.


This would be awesome here in the Puget Sound put my name in the running!


If you still have one available it would be great. The primary use of our ROV is for plankton sampling and associated water chemistry/physics. I had been in the process of designing a similar system using the ROV lasers as a closing trigger via an LDR but not got beyond the doodling phase so I’d love to test drive a well designed system!


No doubt!

I will add you to the short list!



I know this is pretty late, but I am getting my OpenROV kit here in the next week or two and would LOVE to have one if you still have any available. I’m a marine biologist who’ll be using it for research dives and it would be great to have the ability to do plankton tows.


Nope, we are still waiting on dive testing with the servo mod.

We can definitely keep you on the list.



super cool! nice work and thank you!