Currently communication is done using an ETHERNET cable to/from the ROV (PoE)

Any more ideas?


I'd think connecting the webcam directly to the laptop above water would be easier.
Perhaps you need some sort or repeater for this depending on the cable length. Maybe the project will become more expensive this way, but you then have a direct feed you can capture using DirectX or whatever and also play with the camera controls and colors without having to find out how to do this all over again.

If it's real TCP/IP going trough the ethernet cable you could also have steups with wifi routers.
E.g. a floating platform with router and solar cells which can be in the water 24/7 while I'm safely in the office connected via het internet :-)

I've seen people use fibre for communications as well especially for great depths, but this has it's own issues in flexiblity, strength and costs.

Ethernet cables are very cheap and easy to work with.


Not sure bout this but what about Wifi or cell or satellite? for communication or does the rov have to be tethered?


I would like to build the rov and use it for fishing at diamond valley lake to see where the fish are and what there feeding habits are