Communication Issues


Hello All,

While programming my ESC's I suddenly lost communication with the ROV. I have reset the homeplug adapters, batteries are good. ESC's still turn on. Scaling Laser works with +- 5 volts, Servo turns on with ESC. Beaglebone and Control Board LED's are lighting up. When I remove the beaglebone and hook up directly to the computer all is well. I am not getting the homeplug connect light on my topside adapter. Everything seems fine on the db25 connector. Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I'd make sure the homeplug board is squished on to the control board and on the topside adapter they're nicely squished too. That is the most common cause for a lack of homeplug connect light if everything else looks good. The next production run has longer pins to prevent them from coming loose.



I have just ordered a 2.6 kit one week ago. I Guess it will be shipped these days.
Will my kit have longer pins?


Thanks Matthew, I have squished everything nicely and I still do not get the homeplug connect light on my topside adapter is it possible I have defective tenda homeplugs or could it be my top side interface board?The only LED's lighting on my controller board are TPWR LED 6, ETH LED 8, PWR LED 1, BRX LED 4 blinks rapidly. I have ordered a couple new tenda homeplugs and will find out I suppose any other thoughts on what might be an issue?


Since they are squished fine the other option is to read the Tenda manual on the reset button. That has been our fall back if pushing the boards together doesn't work. Sometimes they need to be re-paired together. The reset button can be a bit tricky though.

Here is the main section from the manual on resetting them:

System Restore/Pair/Power Save: Pressing the button twice consecutively within 2 seconds switches the device to power save mode. Pressing the button once while in power save mode wakes up the device. Press for 2-3 seconds to pair with other adapters; press for 9-11 seconds to disconnect from the existing network; while pressing for over 15 seconds, system will be restored to factory default settings.


I am not sure if it will have the longer pins but will find out tomorrow morning. We are shipping lots of kits now though because we finally got some of the newer homeplug adapters in stock so hopefully yours will go soon depending on where it is in the back log. After 4/20 we should stay on top of kit orders because we are expecting to have lots of the homeplugs but we will see if the supply guy in charge of all tenda homeplugs for norther america is on it.