Commercial Applications


Hi, all.

Just ordered by 2.8 kit and am looking forward to trying it out.

I am curious if anyone has used this for “commercial” applications. I run a small, private marine survey company and would like to try out using the unit for visual surveys of vessel hulls and water tanks.

Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated.



Hey, we just used them for inspecting water tanks at a local refinery. Worked like a charm, and the client is happy and want more, so there is definately a market for these kind of services.


I thought we would use it for inspecting moorings and boat hulls during the sailing season, to make a bit of income for the hobby. Before I built it, I imagined, in my mind, being able to fly with a reasonable degree of accuracy, forwards a bit, back a bit, up, down, etc.
We’ve done about 4 dives so far and I’m afraid to say it has been much less predictable. Maybe we haven’t got the buoyancy right or maybe there’s been too much current, but I think we’d be lucky to position within a couple of metres. No way of going up close to something without hitting it.
I imagined it would be like flying a quadcopter but it’s completely different. As I say, maybe we need to spend much more time setting it up.
In a swimming pool, with no current, where you can see it, fair enough, but in the sea, 10 metres down, when all you can see is ahead, a different story.
Good luck with the build. It’s a really exciting thing, whatever the trials.