Color sensor



Anyone thought about adding the AMS TCS34725 sensor?

It can also measure lux...

It's possible to add it to Either arduiono or Beagleboard - breakoutboard

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That's a very cool option and yeah, it certainly seems like it would be pretty easy to integrate over the I2C lines of either the BB or Controller Board. Very cool- thanks for the link!



Hi Eric

Yes and by modding the adafruit sw you also get AGC for lux conversion and calculations for kelvin etc.

Was thinking of writing the code for my own project, but borrowed Ada's as that saved me some hours and just modded that to my sw.

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Hi Eric

Just one thought on this...

If we are to get proper readings all lights should be switched off on the ROV when measuring ??

To avoid inteference from all the LED's as the Acrylic housing used is a really good lightguide..

Topside pcb have 3 LED, controller board have (what I can see on pivtures) 4 LED's..

2 front lights.

Can see there's some LED's on Beagleboard, any on the RJ45 socket as well?

Forgotten Places with LED's??

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