Cockpit will not connect to robot



OpenROV will not connect to the cockpit no matter what we have tried. The robot turns on and the red lights flash at the same time and the servo is on also. The troubleshooting guide did not fix the problem. What does happen when we put the IP address into google chrome is that an error code 10061 connection refused by machine pops up. It says that the machine is inactive but it is on and lights indicate that it is. We hope that this has some insight into the problem.



OpenROV Support here.

I will recommend isolating your Beagle Bone Black from your ROV and connecting to it - this will test the BBB for proper functionality without the chain of communication from Computer to ROV being a variable.

Remove the Beagle Bone Black from the Controller board, power it on w/ a 5v USB cable and connect via ethernet cable. (same 2 cables you use for the topside adapter). After about 2-3 minutes connect to it from your computer, using the same IP address from Google Chrome.

If you are unable to connect to the BBB, try resetting your computers static IP address (see step 7):

If resetting your computer’s static IP doesn’t resolve connectivity issue with BBB, upate its software (be sure to update firmware once you attach it to the ROV again):

Let me know if those steps help- if not we’ll take it from there.


Ok thanks for this info. Work on the robot resumes tommorw so I will get back to you then on the results of the issue if it was resolved or not.