Cockpit question


In the cockpit there is a data section on the right hand side that has a button for “Download Data” and what appears to be a status signal. I can not find any documentation for what these are used for. Can someone enlighten me please?

Also, in the settings/keyboard configuration, there are things like “tankcontrol”, “flybywire” and “blackboxrecord” that I also can not find any documentation in the user manual or build instructions.

Finally, Where would I go to reconfigure the game controller buttons so that I can have more functions on my game controller?



Bumping this back up to see if anyone has any answers or if I should try the monitored threads


Hi~We have a problem that when we build the original program,there’s an error . Do you have encountered the same problem?Thanks so much for your answer.


The error is image-customization/index.html:No such file or directory. Thanks.