Cockpit not responding



I’m running the latest v30 image on my BBB and this made me mad.
Eaven with the blank beaglebone connect to my laptop the cockpit is not responding to any key inputs. Camera tilt, light control and laser which should (I expect) be indicated without having the controller bord connect remains unchanged. Cloud 9 is running video is raughly working. Upload the arduino code failed with compiler errors.
Question: if I press the key to tilt up the camera what is changing the symbol on the screen? The keyboard input or some kind of answer from the arduino?

It’s a bit frustrating because I had everything working fine when I use the BBW together with one arduino mega. Since the bbw is dead and I switch to the BBB (the BBB is cheaper than the BBW ) nothing works anymore. …

Hope for some help… had to quit real diving because of illness. .


Some kind of success. After loading OpenROV_2_4_Stable onto the BBB all Cockpit functions are working very well. Than i loaded a realy old arduino code to the mega2560 and connect both via the TXB0108 Level Shifter. The cockpit shows that there is some connection between because i had the collum of data on the right side together with the green connection symbol. In the Data section i had the proper inputs shown under “cmd” but nothing more. I checked all Dpins from the arduino with my oscilloskope but no PWM signal active…


H I am new here. How can I use instead the keyboard of pc the Logitech gamepad. How to start??