Cockpit Not Loading/Timing Out


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the help on the previous solder cap issue. We've got a new challenge we're hoping the community can help us with.

The internal electronics are assembled. The lights are all on, both home plug adapters have all three lights going on (which I understand as meaning they see the computers, each other, and can transmit) and the beagle bone and cape are on.

When we try and access cockpit, the IP address times out on us. When we originally installed the disk image/updated the software on the unconnected BeagleBone we were able to access Cockpit.

Other info that may help:

LED 0 (above the micro USB plug) on the BeagleBone is blinking and the LED next to it powers up at first and then to flickers out. Our Molex connectors are a little bit loose (not all of them gave that solid 'click), maybe that could be an issue? Due to a pulled solder cap our power is connected to the cape at point F1 and grounded at M2.

My only thought is to reformat, remount and update the disk image on the SD card and see if that works?

We can provide pictures if that would help, let us know what you need.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!




Are you connecting directly to the fixed IP or through a router with a DHCP address? One possibility is that the 5 minute timeout has happend on the fixed IP and you have to pwoercycle to get it to respond again. This is fixed in the latest image that Dom surfaced last week. There is also a work around that has been mentioned in the forum.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for the speedy response!

I'm plugged right into the tether adapter, so I'm trying to connect to the fixed IP address/port ( right?). Just to clarify, will I be able to update to the latest image by SSHing in and updating it? Or will I have to reformat and mount the sd card?

Any chance you know the title of the thread? I was hunting around the forum for people with a similar issue, must have missed it.

Thanks again! This community is really a great resource.